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A better financial future for all.

A big part of what we’re doing with Letscoin is about connecting local government authorities and organizations with independent local businesses and residents, for genuine collaboration. We believe that this is a key way to fuel entrepreneurship and drive economic growth, while also binding communities together around a shared identity and vision.

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What role are you playing in the development and productivity of your local area? Your organization has the power to drive change and growth, and to lead the way towards a better future for your city. Our forward-looking platform of digital tools equips you with everything you need to achieve your own goals, as well as the goals of businesses and residents in your local community.


Accept secure digital transactions through a trusted platform that protects all stakeholders.


Integrate your efforts with existing or upcoming initiatives so that you are working alongside other groups and businesses to maximum effect.


Give back to your local economy by cultivating connection and finding ways to reward social action.

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