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Changing the
face of our local economy!

Pay with Letscoin - Our digital Complementary currency
and boost your Local community’s economic activity. Be a stakeholder in a new model of shared prosperity.

Simple, Yet Revolutionary.


Our Local Exchange Trading System uses open source code to provide a transparent platform that is fair, ethical and stable. The LEN24 Network is a springboard into a better economic ecosystem that benefits everyone.


LEN24 harnesses the power of every financial transaction to add value to local communities. By paying with LEN24’s Letscoin ($C) and being part of this pioneering financial network, you are investing in the area where you live and work, and the people that make it your home.


We believe in a better model of financial exchange that works for everyone. Our network removes the need for a central authority, putting you and your fellow stakeholders in control. This means that we’re all on the same team, working towards a shared vision of a brighter economic future.






Local Community Finance

Through the use of Digital Complementary currencies, more people shop local, eat local, buy local, and live local, strengthening the local economy, and keeping the control of money in everyone’s hands.

We believe that change starts at the local level and spreads to the top. We are driving a global change in the economy and the meaning of money from the wallet up.

Together, we can transform your local economy.
So how can you play your part?


LEN24’s Letscoin eWallet is a quick, simple and convenient way to pay, and every time you use this digital complementary currency to buy from local businesses you are boosting your local economy and investing in your community.


You can lead the way by introducing LEN24’s Letscoin to your local area and building a whole new community network. By issuing this digital complementary currency you will be a pioneer of a thriving local economy.


It’s easy and convenient to accept Letscoin payments from your customers, and it paves the way for a whole new model of community economy. As an innovative, forward-thinking business, you can set the trend towards a financial ecosystem that fuels the local economy – for everyone.

Transforming the global economic landscape
begins with local communities.

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