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Our mission is grand
and ambitious, but it’s
also surprisingly simple.

We believe in a new way of using and exchanging money that strengthens communities
and benefits local economies.

The LEN24 model is a platform for:


Supporting local businesses


Bringing people together around a fair and transparent community financial network


Shaping and fuelling sustainable economic growth


Working hand-in-hand towards a brighter financial future for all

Our Vision.

We believe in local. The power of digital complementary currencies is that they bring local consumers and businesses together around a common goal, strengthening communities and fuelling the local economy – now, and into the future.

That’s why our vision of transforming the global economic landscape begins with local communities.

Becoming a stakeholder
in a better financial future for all.

Our People.

The hearts and minds behind LEN24 are an eclectic blend of blockchain experts, tech wizards, designers, innovators and visionaries. What we all have in common is that we want to see local economies grow and thrive, and we want to lead the way in showing how this can be done. We are always learning, experimenting and pushing the boundaries because we believe in the power of people to bring transformation.

If you want to know more about what makes us who we are, drop us a line!

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