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Together, we can create an infinite amount of loops.
Are you ready to play your part?

Azania Luxury Services

Azania Luxury Services offers high quality services in corporate risk management solutions and VIP Luxury services that utilises state of the art technology to deliver reliable private security services by our highly-skilled agents.


Celloop is a subscription based cellphone leasing company with a primary focus of reducing cellular waste by repurposing broken and unused cellphones, cellphone materials and accessories. The leasing model also encourages responsible ‘purchase’ practices.

Fashion Box

Fashion Box is a subscription-based closet service whereby customers order a closet for set periods and return the clothing to receive a different closet. The clothes then get repaired and restored and go through the cycle again.

Food Loop

A premium organic food bundling and delivery company. Customers subscribed to the Food Loop service receive meat, eggs and fresh vegetables delivered to their door. All packaging is reusable and is returned upon receiving a new package.

Gift It

GiftIt is a custom bundle gift packaging service focused on organic, sustainable and green gifts. The customers get to choose what is included in their box with four categories, water, earth, fire, and wind. Thus, the product categories are broad and can be directed towards a product based on the category or a product that lets one connect to the category.

Green Loop

Green Loop focuses on recycling technical materials and processing bio-waste into compost. The company utilizes a combination of worm, tumbler, and Bokashi composting to process green and brown waste into nutrient-rich compost and worm tea fertilizer.

Loop Coin

The Loop Coin app rewards both consumers and businesses for their sustainable efforts and contribution towards the LEN24 circular economy.


MedAid offers a variety of sustainable medical response, medical resources and training, making it easier to access quality medical services.


Neoeve focusses on eradicating pollution caused by cars by drastically cutting emission by a large percentage through shared rides, bicycle rides, accessible deliveries and car sharing concepts for cities.


With a massive emphasis on food security, Nutricraft supplies serves as an  emergency food store selling MRE’s (long lasting, not requiring refrigeration, and includes heat sources for those foods that can be consumed either hot or cold)


Sustain-a-build focuses on recycling building materials that can be re-used for building projects and construction. Not only does this company seek sustainable and environment friendly solutions, but it plays a critical part in ensuring that rubble and waste eliminated.


Tires are extremely destructive consumable products with a relatively short lifespan. Thus, Tireware is an upcycling company that creates purposes for used tires that keep them from landfills and tire fires.

Toy Box

Toy Box is a subscription-based toy box bundle whereby customers can select a box of toys for their children which gets returned after a certain period. The toys are then repaired and restored and made available to customers again.


Trade Hub is a zero waste, plastic free and responsibly sourced grocery store. It’s every conscious shopper’s delight, simply fill your containers with the quantity that you need, weigh and then pay, it’s as simple as that!


Quench is a subscription-based drinking water company whereby customers buy bundles of environmentally packaged drinking water.

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